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We have our set list put together, as shown below. Show starts at  4 sharp!

1:00pm– Line Check Begins

4:00pm- 4:05pm – Intro MC/ Welcomes Ashley to the stage

     4:05pm- 4:30pm– Ashley

4:30pm- 4:35pm– Group #1 ACDR

4:35pm- 4:40pm– MC Welcomes Nick to the stage

     4:40pm- 5:05pm– Nick

5:05pm- 5:10pm– Group #2 PFLAG

5:10pm- 5:15pm– MC Welcomes HK to the stage

     5:15pm- 5:55pm– HK

5:55pm- 6:00pm– Group #3 Pride Line

6:00pm- 6:05pm– MC Welcomes Kevin to the stage

     6:05pm- 7:00pm– Kevin

7:00pm- 7:10pm– Giveaway

7:10pm- 7:15pm– MC Welcomes Liberty Street to the stage

     7:15pm- 7:55pm Liberty Street

7:55pm- 8:00pm– Group #5 Pride Durham

8:00pm- 8:05pm– MC Welcomes Adam Swagg to the stage

     8:05pm- 8:25pm– Adam Swagg

8:25pm- 8:30pm– MC Welcomes Elephant Shoes to the stage

     8:30pm- 8:55pm– Elephant Shoes

8:55pm- 9:00pm– MC to introduce DJ

     9:00pm– 10:00 pm– DJ

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